Grapevine TX Stump Grinding

Stump grinding and stump removal is an important aspect of any proper tree service. Some homeowners like the rustic charm of an old stump and some consider a stump an eyesore. Whatever your preference, it’s essential to consider the types of problems a leftover stump can offer. Taking into consideration all the potential hazards a stump can pose is part of proper lawn care and Grapevine Stump Grinding is more than happy to help.

Grapevine Stump Grinding offers both stump grinding and stump removal. There are several differences between them.

Professional Stump Grinding Team

Stump grinding is the process of using a stump grinding tool to grind the stump into smaller pieces and then turning it into mulch. Grapevine Stump Grinding’s crew of arborists use only the most up-to-date stump grinding machinery to safely and quickly get rid of your biggest and smallest tree stumps. The best way to make sure the stump stays out of the way is to grind it until it’s a few inches below the soil level and then cover it with dirt and mulch. We can also spread some grass seed so it will eventually blend into the rest of your yard. This method ensures that your lawn will still have a uniform look while also allowing you to smoothly mow over the area the stump used to be. We leave the root system intact but as time goes on it will eventually decay.

Stump Removal Experts in Grapevine 

Stump removal is slightly different than stump grinding. We still use a stump grinder to cut it into smaller and more manageable pieces but rather than grinding the stump into mulch, we haul off the pieces. With stump removal, we also dig out and remove the root system. This requires a lot more digging and can result in a large hole.


Sometimes an old stump can allow some vintage charm to your lawn. While some may consider it pretty the stump can also pose several different threats. One of the main hazards stumps provide is a tripping hazard for you and your family. During the summer your kids are more likely to go outside and play. While they’re enjoying playing tag in the summer sun they may not be paying attention and accidentally trip over the stump. Perhaps they simply scrape their knee or fall down, but they could also get seriously hurt or break a bone. An old stump shouldn’t be the reason your kids get hurt and lose their right to play outside.

Along with a tripping hazard, stumps can also present potential health issues to your entire yard. As they decay wood-boring insects like termites and carpenter ants will move in and make large nests. While you might not consider bugs in your yard a big deal, termites and ants aren’t that picky about what type of wood they eat and they just might spread to your home and other plants.

One last problem to consider with a leftover stump is the fact that some invasive plants love to thrive in a decaying environment. Fungi is the most common example, and while some are used in the food we eat, the stuff that grows on the leftover stump can be poisonous to pets and other plants.

Maybe one of the best reasons to remove an old stump is simply to avoid any future annoyances it may cause. When the Texas summer sun is bearing down on the back of your neck you don’t want to struggle to mow around a pesky stump. Give your future self a break and call Grapevine Stump Grinding to take care of all your stump grinding and removal needs.